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Eileen Wagner


Advanced Master Executive Success Coach

Science tells us that our thoughts form and reform our DNA, as well as, attract or repel our experiences by their very nature. By learning The One Command, you will tap into a greater intelligence, that is yours, and at the same time will activate the ability to manifest and create new realities for you, one of happiness and satisfaction. In The One Command, you will learn how to simply tap into your Theta Brain Wave, while conscious, opening your awareness to amazing untapped capacities that you have right within you.  You are the Observer, Creator and Experiencer of your reality. You can only change you, and only need to change you to change the world. It’s an invitation to enter into powerful portions of your mind that contains extraordinary abilities. The greatness that is already yours is easily enjoyed when you discover the simple, and powerful six steps of The One Command that brings you amazing results.  You can remove limiting beliefs that keep you separate from your greater good and have the potential for living in an unlimited way. If you have something in your life that you want to change, remove or improve, you can use The One Command to command for what you want instead.

EILEEN is a Certified Advanced Master Executive Success Coach, a Certified Master Life Coach and a Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner.  She is qualified to help you realize your true potential and by using the teachings of The One Command, help you to make real changes in your biology and neurology. This will stop your negative beliefs dead in their tracks and let your blueprint for success and happiness shine through.  She has been certified by Asara Lovejoy in the Advanced Teachings of The One Command Mastery in Action.

Eileen’s own Journey: Since I have been using The One Command in my own life, I have relieved a lot of stress and eliminated numerous limiting beliefs. I am much more relaxed and at peace with my life; I have an overall sense of well-being. You can never be less than you are, but you can think you are. Don’t!!

Contact Information:

Fee:  $125.00

Availability:  Monday thru Thursday–    7:00-9:00 p.m Central Time