Photo of Bonnie Strehlow MHA

Bonnie Strehlow MHA


Co-Director of The One Command Life
Co-author of the Nightingale-Conant Theta Code Program
Founding Member of The One Command Seminar Leaders Program


Bonnie Strehlow is a trained Medical Intuitive who co-authored with Asara Lovejoy the Nightingale-Conant program The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint for Vitale Health– the key to finding your own healing blueprint that is the most cutting edge health and wellness program out on the market today.  Through her insightful knowledge and wisdom Bonnie has implemented deep level theta and delta brain wave processes to this enlivening and health building program. Thousands are listening and learning about the five beliefs of spontaneous healing and The One Command Blueprint for health.

She is an integral contributor to The One Command way of life having implemented a daily conversation with over 1000 folks with tips, help and inspiring commands for the past two –years and now is facilitating the blogs articles and commands at Along with Dr. Katie Garnett Bonnie will share weekly conversations with you on The One Command Life Members Wednesday morning teleconferences, focusing on healing, honoring your spirit and living the life you desire.  Her expertise and experience as a medical intuitive add tremendous value to the self-healing process.

Bonnie went through the fire of her own journey for emotional and physical healing culminating in an instant healing in the early 2000’s.  The process of relearning to live as a healthy person without her chronic illness has brought her deep wisdom that she brings to her clients and students as they, too, walk their journey to greater health.

She says,” I firmly believe that each of us is born magnificent, vibrant, energetic and with an etheric blueprint for great health, but often in life our true nature is forgotten and our divine design ignored.  My greatest passion is to help others rediscover their magnificence, and health and to live from each person’s Greatness—to discover how much fun life really can be.”

And Bonnie seriously knows about fun because her first start as a healer happened when she attended a weeklong clown conference and immediately fell in love with the healing potential she experienced.  Bonnie shares, “The first time I looked into a woman’s eye and saw that what I had just done created a change in her I was hooked.  From that moment on every career I have had has been about making a difference in someone’s life.  Guiding others to live their dreams, achieve their goals and regain their health is the motivation underlying everything I do.”

Her journey led not only to her own healing, but also to guide others along their path. As a One Command Quantum Success coach, she helps you quickly clear the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks that prevent you from achieving your goals and living your dreams.

Bonnie says, “We have within us all the wisdom and resources to live fully in the moment in joy, health and prosperity.  More than just learning something new, it is about remembering who you truly are.”  Her role is to guide you in that process of remembering.

As a child she was highly intuitive and found that she just knew things that people were thinking and feeling.  It made for an interesting childhood as, like many of us, she never quite fit in. What didn’t work for her as a child, however, is now one of her greatest strengths—being able to quickly get to the heart of an underlying issue and bring release and relief to those who are experiencing life-altering challenges.

Bonnie says” My highest values include faith, family and fun, and with an active family and eight grandchildren I feel blessed. Through the years I also was blessed enough to raise four amazing children and work with special education students as a sign language interpreter, a social worker and in a wide variety of healing modalities.”

If you desire more out of life, are looking for answers to unresolved issues or feeling stuck or lost on your journey, Bonnie provides answers, direction and healing.  Stop wishing for life to be different and start creating your new life today.

Bonnie has been facilitating workshops including leading One Command Seminars since 1989 and enjoys teaching students how to create miracles in their own lives.

She says, “My work as a coach and teacher with The One Command is a delight in my life and a dream come true.” Bonnie is also co-founder with Dr. Katie Garnett of The Brave Woman seminars and Programs for Awakening.  Together they show people how to create love, laughter, joy, peace and prosperity in their lives.

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