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Your True Mastery Unleashed in Our Advanced System for Ultimate Success!

4 Powerful Programs to Change Your Life Forever as You Discover Where Science and Matter Meet the Mind!


Our Home Study Online Program has it all.. one practice

Over 500,000 folks have already found the true power of their MAGNIFICENT MIND and their ability to create gigantic and repeated positive results in less than 5 minutes a day.

..and so can you…… in our step-by-step – system of The One Command that guides you into greater success, wealth and happiness naturally……

You discover the ONE SUPERINTELLIGENT TOOL that connects your brain with your mind and rewires negativity or fearful and limited thinking into a new positive potential in a moment.

The biggest secret of your hidden power is that you already are formulating reality – but mostly unconsciously – and with this dynamic program you can dream and realize results while SELF-AWARE and AWAKE – CONSCIOUSLY in COMMAND!

Your Brain has changed and your Mind has evolved. Don’t miss the opportunity to put them to work for you in your life right now….

mindWhat would it be like to have people notice a difference in you, to excel beyond your current environment, to have your marriage and love relationships become stronger, and to live a richer, more satisfying and ever more successful life?

Isn’t this what you want to create? Now there is a way that ties all the work you have done up until now together with The One Command, the newest self-realization tool to emerge in decades. The only system that works in complete cooperation with the brain and the subconscious mind – with no resistance… ever!

And The One Command is complementary to every other practice and technique already in existence.

Ask yourself: Are you ready to move right into Mastering Your Life in a deeper and more
satisfying manner? We have evolved in our ability and knowledge by merging science and directed thought to create matter.. and this powerful One Command discovery that joins the two came about through one woman’s journey.

She says, “That is why it can work for you because if I can change my brain starting at 62 you can succeed at any age as well.”


What happens and why should you learn

to consciously direct your life for success?

To begin, you receive all the benefits of the FREE Life at Your Command Learning program which includes the Foundation Course that reveals the basics of your untapped ability and how to put it to work for you by your Command.

And in the Mastery at Your Command program…….

You learn to easily operate in theta with enormous benefits: eliminate useless stress and fear, establish more certainty, increase your intuition, get creative ideas on a regular basis, as well as, answers and solutions and connections that arrive naturally.

You develop true self-mastery as you see your achievements accomplished, destructive family patterns dissolved, deeper love and gratitude in your relationships, and increases in your money success.

Reorganize Your Self Identification There is an essential you that is often hidden or not fully actualized due to negative conditioning from early childhood, negative social experiences as you mature, and the upsetting influences of daily polarized news reporting. We give you the KEY to unlock that unrealized potential – from world-class millionaires to every person in every condition there is a positive and measurable change.

What makes really successful people endure is their ability to go forward and land back on top not only in the best of times but even in the worst of times. You know that person in your life that lost it all and then got it back – prospering beyond most people’s limited expectations. Maybe you know someone like that. The point is this is your time to act – it’s your turn to experience that same greatness right within you and to ACTIVATE YOUR TRUE MASTERY!

Asara Lovejoy

Asara Lovejoy
After discovering The One Command, Asara
recovered from financial disaster, saved her home and established financial stability in just 2 weeks – this was from zero money, high bills, large debt and mortgages past due with no income coming in… and from an absolutely helpless state of mind – including wanting to leave the planet because of such devastating prognosis.

Asara had studied neuroscience with master teaches such as Jack Schwarz and Dr. Elmer Green, founder of Psychophysiology Laboratory Research Department at the Menninger Clinic and even opened her own school, The Threshold University of Body Mind Science in the 1990’s, but it wasn’t until her own down and out moment when she was about to lose her home and lose it all that she dropped into her greater intelligence in the theta mind, and received The One Command process in its entirety.


From this AWAKENED SELF-REALIZED moment Asara simply started sharing what she discovered with others in small groups – in peoples homes, in bookstores, at lunch meetings and anywhere she was requested to appear.

People kept asking for more explanation and began sharing seemingly miraculous story after story as soon as they applied The One Command technique.

The One Command book soon followed to reach more people and to share the process and then students arrived to become One Command Facilitators and to take the message out into the world where it is now found on every continent.


And One Command Circles are practiced in homes, churches, offices, bookstores, healing centers worldwide.


ACTIVATION of The One Command® is a physical event in your brain, the cells of your body and your DNA, and is an extraordinary event in expanding your capacity for a new life. The results are magnificent. I say, you are already masters of your life – sometime masters of lack and limitation – and now is the time to turn in a new direction – to become a Master of Success and Accomplishment.

Activating The One Command establishes a new respect and admiration for your greater power and intelligence in your theta mind – seeing it deliver positive and miraculous results again and again gets EVEN BETTER with what Asara is about to REVEAL in the Mastery at Your Command Home Study Course.

The Mastery at Your Command Home Study Course shows you……



The Four Programs of Advanced Mastery by Your Command…


1 Discover the unleashed power of you and the Quantum Field

Here you engage your mind in a new direction – one that awakens you to your SUPER STATE awareness as you learn to engage your theta mind to get fast and satisfying results again and again.

There is an unlimited field with no restrictions on your ability, to think and create matter and you’ll be so pleased when you live from this knowledge.

Firm knowledge of your greater intelligence means you live from another portion of your brain and your mind – that evolved state already waiting for you. Hurry and catch up to your greatness!

2 Take it to the next level in your Personal and Business success

Mastery at Your Command Online Home Study course works on two levels at all times. First we reveal the power of your mind and next, through deep level theta to instantly create an INNER CHANGE that increases serenity and security and more joyful living. You are directed in its application for real results in your daily life.

Many thousands of happy “theta thinkers” have discovered success beyond their imagination; increased revenue, personal achievement and successful business teams.

Each one applied the theta state process realizing that the only thing holding them back was their limited idea and fear about what they could or couldn’t do.

By Commanding for new results each one rose to new heights – and so can you!

3 Love deeply in joy and happiness with spouses,
partners, family and friends

Loving and being loved are primary driving forces in our nature. In our Love, Relationship and Happiness Program you release the idea that you have to win love and approval from other people in order to be happy. Often you find yourself either looking for love and happiness from others or being afraid of not being loved or happy. Either way you look outside of yourself to find what you think you are missing. Only when you are living in Self-Love are you ready to be in a truly loving relationship – one that you truly deserve.

Taking this journey you’ll discover the 100% rule in relationships, how to heal family disputes, see the greatness in your DNA, your origins and ancestry and eliminate negative historical family patterns and traits – ones that always hold us back.

Get used to hearing, “I love you, I appreciate you and you are wonderful” as giving and receiving love becomes your natural state.

4 Activate Your Vitality Health and Wellness

What if you could recapture your vitality and health with one simple method? Wouldn’t you want to know how? Wouldn’t it be great to have a Healthy You along with the freedom and power to make that happen?

The One Command Health, Wellness and Healing System bridges the distance between knowing your mind can heal your body and activating your inherent healing power.

This Health, Wellness and Healing system teaches you to instantly refocus your attention towards health and healing rather than illness. When you establish a healthy relationship with your body, your health immediately begins to improve and you enjoy greater vitality, energy and wellness. You take charge of your health in an empowering way—making the changes that you want.

Health and wellness and energy are absolute requirements for Living Your Life mastery… Deep level theta and delta meditations transform the cells of the body as you engage your perfect Etheric Blueprint for Health.


Charli Douglas
Your Certified
One Command

I wanted to share with all of you how my husband’s hospital bill of $192,000 was forgiven!

We had put in the paper work to the hospital to see if we could have help with our medical bills after my husband had 2 emergency surgeries. (Our insurance company cancelled our plan 3 days after his first surgery.)

I drew a check on a piece of paper and wrote a check for Paid in Full for Chris’s Hospital Bills, and put the date Oct. 21, 2011. (The hospital was suppose to notify us by Oct 1st if they were going to help us.) When we didn’t hear from the hospital I started worrying AGAIN. It was now Oct. 15th and still no word from the hospital. I kept thinking ‘no news is good news’ and kept commanding for what I wanted…IDKH I trust and believe TOC works in my life. I only know I am peaceful, calm and love the people making the decision, and our hospital debt is forgiven. I am so grateful and fulfilled.

On Oct. 21st, 2011 my husband received the call saying our hospital bill was paid in full!!! I am sure all of you know how we felt when the call came!!! J Happy, Excited, Wonderful, and the list goes on and on. (I should have put an earlier date on the check, but I wanted to give the Universe plenty of time to get all the paper work done…now I see it was my Beta Mind talking to me :} )

Whenever I would read how someone else would use TOC and create what they wanted…I silently gave thanks for their Victory because I knew that my day would come to. And it did in a HUGE Way!!

Thank you to Asara for creating TOC and giving us all the opportunity to change our lives one command at a time.
It’s your day, Command for a Great One!


We are not promising that you’ll have these same results but promise that these are the accurate stories related to us by those who have participated in The One Command programs.

More About the 4 Programs to Put Your Mind Together

with Your Brain for Lifetime Positive Results!

1 Discover How Your Brain and Mind Form Reality in The Quantum Field

Quantum Field PackagesMeeting The Power of Your Mind, you discover that you are designed with an innate ability to create your reality, consciously SELF AWARE and AWAKE!

You are physically designed through your DNA, your brain, your nervous system and your complete physiology and biology to operate in many levels of consciousness as reflected by your different brain wave frequencies.

The realization of that awakened state is to bring more good into the world, individually for you and collectively for the whole: to bring about greater success while enjoying a peaceful and harmonious mindset that benefits you personally and the greater community.

To make this type of journey you must have some qualities of thought:

  • The ability to surrender to new ideas that create new realizations and awakened states of potential.
  • The desire to investigate your thinking.
  • The commitment to exercise a system as a new way of living.
    And you realize…..
  • One – that you do have the power to create new realities.
  • Two – that you can meet yourself exactly where you are with no judgment against what you have done in the past or what you may do while creating new results.
  • Three – as you create something new you physically change your biology, physiology, neurology and your filter of reality and thus live a new experience.
  • You discover how to SUPER POSITION YOURSELF in the quantum field to effect dramatic positive results.
  • Enhance natural gut instinct and intuitive knowing
  • How to change the past to create a new now and future

As you go through the videos and support processes you literally see new ideas and ways of thinking that are superior to the ordinary beta mind processes you use currently.

Cherished ideas can be realized, dreams can be materialized and conditions can by improved again and again once you comprehend your true abilities.

We are excited to share these potentials with you…

2 Realize your greatest achievements in your Personal and Business Success

Personal & Business PackagePersonal Success is the challenge we face when we want to re-design our identity and ego and implement what we truly value in life, rather than “settling”’. Sometimes the simplest change gets the biggest reward. Often, even very successful people are not living a happy life – and the solution is to address those inner triggers that demean, criticize or undermine that achievement.

In this segment of the course:

Your Inner Genius is activated
Your new success identity is established
You establish your Inner Connection process
And The One Command Re-Imaging Process
The right inner-state affects the outer results

When the right set of circumstances reach the right state of balance or a “coherence pattern” then the next event naturally appears without force or effort – yes easily and effortlessly.

These inner changes have power beyond your ability to imagine – truly and you’ll discover this for yourself as you engage in your Super State Awareness.

In developing Your Business Success, we regularly receive reports of an increase of 3 to 20 times more profit, improvement in the business organization and communication systems of the business, and a happy sense of accomplishment again and again. (We are not promising you these results but want you to know that others have accomplished them and identified The One Command System as the primary reason for that achievement).

The Business Success section is useful even if you are not in business for yourself – even if you are a stay at home parent, retired, or a full or part time employee because each section addresses real problems that every person faces at some time with real solutions. The Business Success portion of the course is life changing.

And there is a systematic way to reach these results that is natural and easy – with no effort on your part. As a matter of fact we repeatedly say – if you are in strife or struggle then you still have inner changes to make before you’ll accomplish the results. In other words stressful effort is an indicator that a belief inhibits your success. Once that has shifted the results actually arrive peacefully and enjoyably.

Here you will……..

Discover your inner genius that gets results
Have clarity in your every decision
Take the right direction every time
Identify your signal for action

Comments from some of those who have taken our training:

  • I found it easier to accomplish my goals
  • I was amazed at how little resistance I had to specific tasks, compared to before the course
  • I earned three fourths of my 1.5 million dollar income in the three months after the course
  • I had a much clearer, more concise vision for my business and implemented it easily

3 Enjoy deep love, complete and satisfying relationships, and an ongoing state of happiness

Love Relationships PackageLoving and being loved is a primary driving force in our nature. In the Love, Relationship and Happiness two-day course you address the idea that you have to win love and approval from other people in order to be happy. Often you find yourself either looking for love and happiness or being afraid of not being loved or happy. Either way you look outside of yourself to find what you think you are missing.

Maybe you were taught that you need to sacrifice yourself in order to be loved or that in a relationship you can’t be more successful than your partner. What is often missing is loving yourself first and foremost. Only when you are living in Self-Love are you ready to be in a truly loving relationship.

This section of Mastery at Your Command Home Study Course was created to help you discover an extraordinary loving place within you that, when activated, transfers to every area of your life—relationships, family, friendships and romance. Here you discover the profound knowledge that you are already complete and whole, and that you have right now everything you need to live in love with yourself and others.

The One Command and Love, Relationship and Happiness program is unique in that you learn to look within yourself and tap into the loving-self that supports you and makes miracles.

In this section you:

  • Discover your own beliefs and thoughts about what you imagine love, relationships and happiness really are
  • Identify how you love and how you want to be loved
  • Establish warm, connecting, loving relationships
  • Uncover the love and happiness that lies right within you
  • Participate in a sacred union ceremony that cements your self-love and love of others

You’ll look at your story about what love and happiness means to you and how to bring more love and happiness into your life—naturally and easily. You also spend time discovering and changing your limiting ideas and beliefs about being in a relationship, and how to be more open to receiving the relationship of your dreams.

When you can stand in your own power and truly love yourself, you are ready to be in love, in happiness and in relationship to others in powerful new ways that you cannot yet imagine.

If you are ready to find love, to be in a relationship of your dreams and live in happiness and joy—this is the section you’ll greatly enjoy. There is nothing like it being taught anywhere else—with the ability to understand who you are, what you want and the power to change your love life quickly and effortlessly

4 The energy to live your life in health and wellness is the primary essential requirement before all else…

Health & Healing PackageWe’re all searching for the same basic things in life—love, acceptance, freedom and good health. This portion of the Mastery by Your Command Home Study Course shows you that it is possible to change your brain and your body and by doing so bring a new healthy you into reality.

Health, wellness and vital energy is the NUMBER ONE requirement to live your full potential
In this program you discover the scientific research and proven methods to change patterns that negatively impact your vitality and health.

You learn specific easy-to-use processes that empower you to regain and maintain vitality and a healthy mind and body.

Your thoughts determine how healthy you can be. Scientists like Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza have proven that you are neither a victim of your genetic programming nor are you doomed to a pattern of illness, disease, being overweight or constantly sick.

All healing begins from the inside – from your unconscious programming and your identity as a healthy person. By changing what you believe to be true about your illness and your identity with your illness, you stop obstructing your body’s ability to heal and you allow it to do what it knows how to do—heal.


When you learn to think, act and feel healthy, your subconscious mind goes into alignment and agreement with your body. And before you know it, you feel better, have more vitality and enjoy your life in new, healthier ways.

In addition, to learning the 6-steps for healing in The One Command Health, Wellness and Healing System, you’ll hear incredible stories of real people who have used this process to command true healing miracles.

  • Healing Codes Activation
  • The healing power inherent in your body
  • Your Etheric Blueprint for Health
  • The 4 Keystones of health and healing
  • The 5 conditions for spontaneous healing
  • Uncovering the causes of poor health and disease
  • BONUSES Guided theta and deep delta brain wave meditations to listen to for healing and MP3 version of the video program to listen to again and again

The One Command shifts your identity to being a healthy person and gives you the power and freedom to reclaim and regain your health and vitality right now, in an instant. This is your opportunity to discover secrets to fast, reliable and sometimes instantaneous healing results.

By the end of the program you can expect to feel a greater sense of peace, more vitality and energy than you thought possible and know that you have everything you need to begin the road to wholeness and vibrant health.


by attending The One Command Advanced Mastery Online Home Study Course you’ll unleash your hidden potential as you follow this success system CONSCIOUSLY with clarity and precision.


You’re learning a brand new way to think and reason – a transformational way to realize results and everything about you will be going through that readjustment in a real, physical, emotional, new ego identification, psychological and biological manner.

You and your essential nature simply steps forward FREE of your limits –engaged in your accomplishments…and it is a true journey, a true grand adventure – so we will always be present with you acting as guide, support, encourager and friend.

We are committed to you.


In addition to each of the segments in the Home Study Course you’ll receive our FREE Learning Program, LIFE AT YOUR COMMAND and additional

  • OPEN FORUM to get your questions answered
  • MEET OTHERS in the program, get a practice buddy……


Each segment of the 4 Complete Programs in the Home Study Course is a stand-alone course with a total value over $3,000 but you’ll get it all for a fraction of that investment… for as little as $147.00 a month you develop your Mastery by Your Command… is what you get


Each section of Your Advanced Mastery is delivered Online in MP4 video and breakout MP3 audio versions to listen to as often as you like.


Short, digital guided practices help you establish a brighter and better way to manage your thoughts in theta with unexpected and dramatic positive results.


You are supported by our trainers and founder Asara Lovejoy in each section with live Question and Answer events, bonus Commands, and surprise videos and MP3 encouragement and support.


All of this extraordinary material is delivered right to you weekly, in a timely and regular manner in your private learning center – as you transcend your limits and soar into Mastery by Your Command.


Go deep and establish a new link with your GREATER INTELLIGENCE in the quantum theta state again and again for magical results – heightened intuition, increased confidence, reduced stress and an increased sense of over all well-being


Soar into the Newest Brain Mind Science for your PERSONAL and BUSINESS SUCCESS. Here you absorb the knowledge and actions that take each person to the next level of success and achievement while doubling and tripling income at the same time that ultimate personal dreams are lived fully..


Turn on your love codes that form satisfying and rewarding relationships. You discover your innate genetic greatness from your ancestral DNA while removing negative family programming and establish a new foundation of love.


Unleash your healthy Etheric Blueprint in your body to upgrade your health and wellness, increase your energy, eat better, and enjoy deep healing techniques that have helped many to re-establish energy, health, and happiness.

The One Command Commitment to each and every person who attends any course or program……


There are ways to deliver new information and then there is the best way to make a difference in what you can learn, comprehend, digest and see with new eyes. We know that simply giving you a huge amount of data is not effective. That is why we deliver your material in a timely manner – OVER 4 MONTHS giving you feedback and support and participating with you as you change and develop.

We know that when you engage Mastery at Your Command at this level of personal commitment that you and your life absolutely change for the better. If you find this isn’t the right fit for you then you can cancel any time you want on the 4-month program no questions asked – no further payments required and if you make the full payment you can ask and quickly receive a full refund within 90 days of your registration in our HAPPINESS SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

This is what you receive in the Complete Mastery at Your Command Transformational Program. To become a true master of your life you want to master each section of the program for peace, joy, happiness, wealth, health and satisfaction!

  • Handbooks for each Section,
  • Personal Empowerment Exercises
  • Video Training
  • MP3 Audio downloads
  • Email Support
  • Live Question and Answer Events
  • and Surprise bonuses

PLUS all the Life at Your Command program and more… See you there….. GET STARTED RIGHT NOW LIVING MASTERY AT YOUR COMMAND!




ONE PAYMENT PLAN – Save even more!


For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

The One Command Mastery at Your Command program has been developed with thousands of hours of practice and application in live and online seminars worldwide. We get the call every day, “You won’t believe what just happened when I Commanded” and we respond, “Yes we will thank you for sharing your success with us.” We look forward to hearing from you about the improved conditions in your life as well. As Asara often says, “Enjoy discovering the power of who you truly are on the next great adventure of your life – Mastery at Your Command!”

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