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Coaching with Dr. Katie Garnett

“Success is not reached, it is an inside knowing.”

Dr. Katie Garnett is a published author, Co-creator of The One Command Circles worldwide, International One Command Trainer and Master Coach, founder of Behavioral DNA Programs, and corporate consultant.

Combining her background in psychology, science, wellness, social change and The One Command, Dr. Katie says, “whether you are transforming your relationships, business or career, or your spiritual life, you can find the capacity to live your life with grace and ease and achieve all that is meant for you.”

Dr. Garnett specializes in the 7th Step of The One Command, which is taking action out in the world – her work is driven by the conviction that everyone has within the full potential for unfolding their unlimited abilities and personal greatness. There is a science in changing your mind and re-creating your life and that is how you and I work together – transcending where you are now and creating what you want instead.

Using the skills of neuroscience, her coaching and consulting skills, and esoteric healing skills, Dr. Katie focuses on what gets you to the life you really want. You learn to change your own thoughts, biochemistry and physiology to create what you desire.

and doing is the key to everything. It can be inhibited when it is linked in with old fears and limiting beliefs, or imaginary fears such as ‘what if’. When that happens you often stay stuck where you are and where you have been, rather than choosing where you want to be.

Dr. Katie Asks – What do you want in your life that is different from what you have now? What is your dream for the rest of your life? What do you want to be, do and have that is new and different?

You don’t own your limits – they are merely old programs that are easily replaced. Now is your time to eliminate what you don’t want as you create new and lasting programs for your personal definition of success. I think you are ready.

Where are you in your life right now?

You Know Coaching is for You When…..

1. The circumstances of your life are telling you it is time – this is your moment…
2. Your dreams are calling you and you are paying attention…
3. You are aware that having a coach is what will make the difference…

Benefits of Working with Dr. Katie –

With Dr. Katie as your coach, your focus will be on creating the outcomes that you desire, and on meeting the call to action that has been moving you forward in your life through your dreams and desires.

  • Gain clarity on what you truly want in your life, which frees your energy to move into who you choose to be.
  • Create a new you as you release old limiting beliefs and replace them with what fulfills your life.
  • Honor your own appropriate boundaries and expand your possibilities.
  • Be all you can be in the most authentic way.

If you wish your life were different… do your life differently. ~ Terence Houlihan

The Actions you take –

1. Let go of what was, and create anew.
2. Become the observer of your life to clearly see what you want to change, remove or improve.
3. Develop the skills and capacity to make those changes.
4. Allow you to receive and achieve.
5. Live the life you deeply desire.

What others say about Dr. Katie

Talking with Dr Katie allowed impossibilities to seem possible – it made the magic feeling of manifesting and creating lightness in life – real. Katie is so honestly beautiful, intelligent and kind. To be able to be coached and inspired to live more as an empowered being to create your life in a gentle way with The One Command and to be supported by Katie is something I once would never had believed to be possible. This is something most of us are not used to – the whole experience in every way is really so very extraordinary to the struggle we have become accustomed to in our lives. Thank you.

Gaylene Popovski
Coach, Australia

I thank you so much for working with me by Skype from the Netherlands. From the very beginning, I felt that you are the perfect teacher and coach for me because of your amazing skills paired up with wisdom and love. And I thank you for the most transcendent experience I ever had! I feel completely safe with you and over all I feel recognized who I am. And this is one of the highest values I know.

Angelika Guertler
HP, Naturopath, Certified One Command Practitioner, Rolfing Structural Integration, The Netherlands

What a great lesson I got…puts a whole new spin on setting intentions and listing dreams and desires! Thank you. The statement that you made about “in a place of discomfort and wanting endings, you are likely in one NOW…” just blew me away. I have had a sense of that being the case, but didn’t have the words to let my brain know what I was feeling, and that is just perfect! I have it written down on a card that I can now look at daily, as that is sometimes how often the feeling occurs. More strongly some times than others, of course, of tremendous help, for sure! YOU are unique and special.

Maria Seller

Working with Dr Katie Garnett has been one of the most liberating experiences I’ve had. Dr Katie lifts the fog and delivers astounding clarity regarding yourself, leaving no stone unturned. After each session with Dr Katie, I feel reinvigorated with pinpoint focus and would recommend Dr Katie to any person serious about investing in their own personal growth. I can think of no better example of someone living what they teach, thank you Dr. Katie for all your love and support.

Wade Whitehead
Entrepreneur – Synergize, South Africa

As a global coach, Dr. Katie works with clients on 5 continents guiding their life, health, relationship and career changes as they learn the capacity to re-wire their brains and change their own DNA, while creating their own desired futures.

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