Is Success Coaching Right for You!

Why Get A Coach……

Have you asked yourself why you would benefit from coaching? Are you the type of person who likes to discuss new ideas, get feedback from others, read as much as you can on motivation and our human potential, look at good business building strategies, and concentrate on developing better self-esteem and confidence? If your answer is yes to any of those questions then you are probably a good candidate for coaching.

The number one reason client’s hire a coach is because they are stagnating or stuck somewhere. After a successful coaching experience, the clients return again and again to get a boost when he or she wants assistance to move forward more quickly. They know the value of a good coach.

Coaching helps you believe, receive and achieve your life’s goals health, wealth, success and happiness in our system by disengaging limited ideas at the neurological apex while simultaneously developing new synaptic connections that produce astounding results.


How do you know who is a good coach?

Even with a referred coach it is important to have a preliminary session to see if you and the coach are a good match. There are many good and great coaches yet the best coach may not be a right fit for you even if they are for your friends or business associates.

In your preliminary session, ask what happens in a coaching session – how often do you meet and what kind of coaching process or system they use. Once you are satisfied, then find out what investment is required to begin the coaching sessions.

Here is how we coach….

The One Command Executive Success Coaching system is not just for executives – in fact the title means that the coach is an executive in coaching.

Our graduated and certified One Command Executive Success Coaches often focus on a specific niche of interest or expertise – but the way they take a client through a session is standardized. For example, I love to coach clients for business success and to reach their full potential as Business Owners CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders. Other One Command coaches work more specifically with health and healing, diet, parenting, or addictions and co-dependency or personal success and accomplishment. There are many specialized applications with our One Command system to deliver the results.

Our philosophy is that you as the client already have the knowledge and ability to claim your success, remove fear and stress, improve your health, build loving and satisfying relationships – and what separates the desire for positive results from where you stand now is the limiting unconscious, unknown ideas, thoughts and feelings held below awareness that are running the show.

We are experts in our system in identifying limiting “trigger” thoughts and feelings and creating a new thought to replace it. With the 6-Step One Command process we identify the hidden beliefs, and create what you want instead at the brain, mind, identity and unconscious levels. Positive actions and results naturally arrive as a consequence.


  • Clarify Your Direction
  • Instantly Clear Negative Triggers
  • Quickly Implement New Skills and Abilities
  • Optimize Results
  • Improve Your Psychology
  • Realize a New Success Identity


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3 Great Coaches – 3 Opportunities – You
Choose who you want to Consult with!

Asara Lovejoy

Asara Lovejoy

Asara Lovejoy, Founder of One Command Executive Success Coaching – Specializes in Executive Coaching, CEO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Artist and Start Up Businesses

I approach coaching with the belief that each and every client is biologically designed with the inherent talent and ability to accomplish all her or his ideals for success – yet even the most successful still have more to find in them self to reach that full potential.

And over the years I have been honored to have the opportunity to work with top level Fortune 500 Executives, Entrepreneurs, Writers and Artist who all express the same desire to take their business to the next level of success. They discovered that no matter what level you have reached; unconscious triggers in conflict with what you want have the power to hold you back. Releasing and reorganizing those triggers is the secret to leaping from moderate success to unlimited increase.

The One Command coaching system rapidly unravels unconscious limits while simultaneously identifies brilliant new ideas a company, individual or business looks to implement and nurture. Thinking out of the box in the quantum field and trusting in what you know become a natural part of decision making that literally grows a new success identity.

Neuroscience now defines you and your brain as a continually changing developing organism rather than a fixed peak event that declines – and when you access your mind through theta you soar into self-mastery at advanced levels of achievement.

Coaching for me means operating and functioning from that hidden treasure trove of untapped ability, self-worth, and accomplishment with joy and satisfaction.

I look forward to meeting you there.

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Bonnie Strehlow, One Command Certified Trainer, Certified Executive Success Coach and Founder of InnerResources is a Trained and Certified Intuitive Healer and co-author of The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint of Vital Health and Wellness, and Specializes in Health, Healing, and Intuitive Skills Development.

Bonnie’s in-depth coaching, in her special field of physical and intuitive healing, guides her clients into release of pain and increased emotional and physical well-being because as Bonnie says, “We all have within us the wisdom and resources to live fully in the moment with joy, health, energy, engagement, passion and prosperity. We simply need to decide we’re ready and have the courage to start on the path to greater emotional satisfaction and physical health.”

When you are ready to make real change in your life—whether it is your health, finances, career or relationships, you may want additional tools and resources to accomplish your goals and live the life you desire. Working with a coach you uncover your unconsciously held blocks to your success, health, wellness and wealth and learn to step away from old habitual thinking and into the best expression of yourself. And it is so much easier to do than you imagine.

………And Coaching generates powerful results when:

1) You are ready and willing to learn and grow and
2) A gap exists between where you are and where you want to be.

When these two conditions exist, coaching sessions will align your sucess with your personal, professional and healing objectives and increase your well-being and satisfaction with life. You let go of what keeps you bound to the past and open to receive all that life has to offer in the present—right this minute, now.”

Benefits You Achieve

With Bonnie Strehlow as your coach, you break through your barriers, let go of your limitations and find success and balance in all areas of your life. You also learn to:

  • Heal the past and create a new future for yourself
  • Communicate more effectively and adapt more easily to any situation.
  • Make better choices about your health, finances and relationships.
  • Eliminate habitual thought patterns to reduce personal limitations and expand possibilities.
  • Understand and manage emotions transforming fears and stress into productive emotional states that create the life and health you desire to live.

Bonnie says, “Stop fighting against the way life is and open to new possibilities of how life can be- as you clear the path to a new life on a whole new level of enjoyment.”

When you are not getting the results you want, are feeling stuck or it feels like someone hit the ‘pause’ button on your life, it is time for change. It is time to take action.

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Dr. Katie Garnett, author, Co –Developer of The One Command Circles Program Worldwide, with degrees in Psychology, Health Education and International Health works with clients on 5 continents guiding their life, health, relationship, and career changes as they discover their capacity to re-wire their brains and change their DNA to create their own desired futures.

Dr. Garnett specializes in the 7th Step of The One Command, which is taking action out in the world, and her work is driven by the conviction that we each have within the full potential for unfolding our unlimited abilities and personal greatness. There is a science of changing your mind and re-creating your life and that is how we work together – you transcend where you are now and create what you want instead.

Using the skills of neuroscience, coaching and consulting, Dr. Katie focuses on what gets you to the life you really want. Learn how to change your own thoughts, biochemistry and physiology to create what you desire. You get to choose what serves you at the deepest levels of your life in order to be, do and have what you dream of.

Dr. Katie’s sessions are transformative as well as pragmatic and useful. People who may appear more successful, happier or more fulfilled than you are, do not have more intelligence, talent or ideas than you do – they have simply learned what they need to know in order to use what they have.

Combining her background in psychology, science, wellness, consulting, social change and the One Command 6-Step process, Dr. Katie helps you get unstuck and stay clear so it doesn’t happen again – you get to move forward. Whether you want more and better in your relationships, your business and career, or your spiritual life, you will find the capacity to live your life with grace and ease as you receive and achieve all that is meant for you.

As a faculty member of The University of Hawaii, Dr. Katie taught in the areas of the psychology of health and wellness, esoteric healing, the psychology of stress, sports psychology, the psychology of interpersonal relations, and the phenomenon of quantum physics in health and aging.

As a corporate consultant and trainer, Dr. Katie has worked throughout Asia, the US, and Europe guiding the growth of teams, leaders and specialists in the process of personal and career development. She has also worked with new entrepreneurs over the past 3 decades helping them to create the inner environment for outer success.
Dr. Katie says, “You don’t own your limits – they are merely old programs that are easily replaced. Now is your time to eliminate what you don’t want as you create new and lasting programs for your personal definition of success. I think you are ready.”

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