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Coaching with Asara Lovejoy

“Success is not reached, it is an inside knowing.”

Asara Lovejoy
Asara Lovejoy

Asara Lovejoy, Founder of One Command Executive Success Coaching – Specializes in Executive Coaching, CEO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Artist and Start Up Businesses.

I approach coaching with the belief that each and every client, is biologically designed with the inherent talent and ability to accomplish all her or his ideals for success – yet even the most successful still have more to find in them self to reach that full potential.

It was a wonderful surprise to see my life take off when I discovered The One Command, wrote a book about the experience and have had the opportunity to influence over 500,000 peoples lives around the world (and growing). I love coaching with The One Command because it supports such great change and achievement with joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Asara’s credentials are experienced based results from her own down and out moment leading to the development of worldwide programs that touch the heart, eliminate

doubt fear and frustration and improve self-esteem, confidence, financial increase, trust in self and unbelievable success achievement.

One Fortune 500 CEO says, “Asara is unbelievably quick in identifying the deeper resistance or fear and shifting that into a positive useful dynamic – it is awesome. Company relationships shift dramatically, problems are quickly resolved and financial increase takes off.”

Asara approaches coaching with the idea that…….

First, you and your business or company are stopped by unconscious habits and you simply cannot pursue success without rewriting your script for greater success at the same time you eliminate the hesitation to succeed. It is the difference between limping along on the ruts in the road or traveling at warp speed through the stars. The greater clarification you have the easier it is to achieve your goals.

It is impossible to change a behavior that you cannot see or to engage in another level of success without a clear blueprint in your subconscious and conscious mind. And it is impossible to see what you are blind to without the right guide.

Developing greater skills to approach your life from a new perceptive along with a new MIND SET is the greatest benefit you receive in coaching. During your sessions you’ll identify what stops you, eliminate it and align your unconscious programs with your success determination instead – very quickly and easily.

When you are not identified with your next level of success you cannot be that success. To be truly successful you must let the potential of your success become alive within you. The biggest stumbling block to success is what you have been trained to think about yourself. And even when you are in a great position you can get stuck in unconscious negative triggers that prohibit you getting where you want to go.

It is well known that you must change your inner thoughts, feelings and behaviors to change your outside results. We concur; yet know from experience from coaching thousands of clients that you accelerate change in making those changes when a strong coach guides and supports you. The trained One Command Coaches perspective, observation and feedback coupled with the One Command process makes deep, positive, quick and lasting improvement and change.

And when you are changing and exploring something new old thoughts and fears about you and your limits are the first thing to arrive. I like to say the benefit of meeting your mastery rather than your fear is the fast track to your excellence.

In your sessions, in addition to clear and concise attention to action steps and achieved goals, you dissolve old ideas and beliefs held below your awareness that have unconsciously prevented your success – no matter how much effort you have put into your business or self actualization until now.


  • Clarify your direction
  • Establish your next level of Success Identity
  • Implement and redefine your new Success Blueprint that fits your current and future growth
  • Identify and restructure habits and ideas that bind you to limited results – and allow your full potential to be expressed
  • Reach new heights of financial, emotional and social success in harmony with your family life and your highest values
  • Discover new and unknown abilities within yourself

If I were to sum up the hidden potential within you – it would be to say that you are biologically designed for genius and have the inherent talent and ability to accomplish all your ideals for success. This is the approach I use when coaching with you. The One Command system of coaching rapidly unravels what is below the water at the same time you implement your brilliant ideas for your company and business success. When you reset your unconscious triggers you launch into the success that is in you waiting to happen.

What others say about Asara

moira-benigson-img“Asara Lovejoy, brought her innovative, Commanding Wealth® program to our team with hugely motivational and beneficial results. Our Consultants had a record year and increased their income two to three times. We won more business that we pitched for by putting what Asara taught us into practice.”

Some of our clients include: Apple, GAP, T.J.Maxx, Woolworths, and Monsoon

Moira Benigson, President, Executive Search, UK

aeron-goldheart-img“At first it was hard to believe that my coaching with Asara and The One Command was actually increasing my income and my business. After a continuous increase in cash – paying off $45,00.00 in debt and making more than $90,000 in income, I now believe! And it can work for you too. And as a follow up this last year I tripled my income again and took my whole team to Greece to celebrate.” Thanks Asara

Aeron Goldheart
CEO Global Developer and Distributor of Tesla Energy Lights

doug-free-img“Asara Lovejoy has been responsible for the tremendous growth I have enjoyed over the past 90 days. I first discovered her work on the Nightingale Conant program “The One Command.” After listening to these CDs multiple times, I was convinced that she could help me further by working with her in a series of private sessions. I cannot tell you how insightful she is. Every session was a delightful surprise of discovery of my old patterns that had kept me stuck.

Doug Free, CLU ChFCFounder HSA Health Insurance

james-malinchak-img“It is exciting when a new voice comes into the human potential field. I’ve spent time with Asara Lovejoy and her One Command process and highly recommend reading her simple yet powerful, The One Command book for making real change in your

James Malinchak, featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, and co-author of Chicken Soup for the College Soul

Asara says, “I am thrilled at the quick success that shows up time and time again in my
client’s coaching sessions and I appreciate the role I get to play in this achievement.“

I’d love to meet with you and see where we can create fantastic results together.

Warmly yours,
Asara Lovejoy


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