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Excellence is at your command at Success University In Our Coaching and Seminar Leadership Certification Training

Our Unique Program is Designed to Produce Dramatic Results

Our unique program is designed to produce dramatic results, first for you personally and second, for those you coach, inspire and lead. It is our mission and commitment to unleash your genius and elevate you to the heights of success you dream about. We know that it is possible with breakthroughs in your talent, confidence, and freedom to be fully expressed and self-realized because we provide you the well-developed skills during your training.

When you become a Certified One Command Seminar Leader and /or One Command Executive Success Coach, or One Command Health and Wellness Coach you enter the seminar and coaching world at the peak summit, bringing the best of you forward, while delivering transformational programs that make a difference in each person’s life.

Be Daring

Success by Your command is in the business of transformation and when you train with us you enter into a new world of open-ended possibilities – ones that fulfill your dreams and once trained in our well developed seminar and coaching program you inspire and elevate in others. What is revolutionary about our program is that you benefit on many levels from attending. First, you are instructed in the design, knowledge and ability to use untapped portions of your intelligence that create a vibrant new and different approach to your life – one that leads to even greater success and achievement than you can currently imagine.

Next, you are trained to make a powerful immediate difference in other people’s lives by sharing this same knowledge with them as a seminar leader or certified coach. And that means you get to earn a living doing what you love to do – helping yourself and the world to live a more potent, happier, self-realized and awakened life. It is that simple.

There is Worldwide Participation in Success by Your Command

People around the world are hungry for real change and transformation. You can be the messenger in live seminars and in your one-on-one coaching sessions.

Here is what Don Boyer – Founder of Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp has to say…..

“First and foremost let me say that I absolutely fell in love with your book, teaching and product line. About 10 days ago I was at Barnes and Nobel and your book was on the shelf facing out and as I walked by, like a magnet, at the corner of my eye I saw it and was pulled towards it. From the first page I knew I had to take it home. I have been soaking the information in like a sponge. I have been in this industry for over 25 years and work with some of the best-known industry leaders like Bob Proctor and Brian Tracy and Les Brown, and your material may be the best out there.”

Here is What Our Graduates Have to Say!

mike-australia-imgBecoming a One Command Executive Success Coach has been an incredibly wonderful and fulfilling experience. My life has true direction now as I embark on this new and exciting adventure as an Executive Success Coach, charged with a passion to help others experience the life they truly desire. Thank-you so much Asara, Katie and Bonnie for sharing these gifts with me and for welcoming me into The One Command family with such love and support.

Mark T. Australia

runa-icelandThe Executive Success Coach program is a powerful tool of transformation and the one who transforms the most is the student. Learning how to apply this process in everyday life has had an impressive impact on my life. Clearing old blocks and making new commands has helped me gain clarity in my life and made me a more successful person.

Runa G.B. Iceland
Author, Coach and International Trainer

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alvaroColombia says…….
The Executive Success Coaching training is by far the best decision I ever made. As a facilitator and coach, it is rare to find such an easy and delicious way to guide clients through change and to be free from trauma and pain.

Commanding and coaching are now my favorite activities.

Alvaro M. from Bogota

dr-neslynDr Neslyn Watson-Druée is a renowned international speaker who articulates the behaviors and characteristics of successful leaders. Neslyn is highly decorated with multi-awards. She has 3 separate honors from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. If I could say only one thing to anyone considering taking this training: JUST DO IT!

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée
CBE London, England

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Our approach is radically different from traditional training – not only do we look to achieve the results you are after, we assure your success by the simple and easy One Command technique.

In your training, in addition to clear and concise attention to action steps and achieved goals, you dissolve old ideas and beliefs held below your awareness – ones that have unconsciously prevented success – no matter how much effort had been put into your business or self-actualization up until now.

  • Clarify your client’s direction
  • Instantly clear negative triggers
  • Quickly Implement new skills and abilities
  • Optimize results
  • Improve their psychology
  • Realize a new success identity


  • First you attend the Coaching Certification and next, you immerse yourself in the practices and systems of health and wellness unique to our training.
  • The One Command Health, Wellness and Healing System bridges the distance between knowing your mind can heal your body and actually activating your inherent healing power.
  • The Health, Wellness and Healing system shows you how to instantly refocus your attention towards health and healing rather than illness. When you establish a healthy relationship with your body, your health immediately begins to improve and you enjoy greater vitality, energy and wellness. You take charge of your health in an empowering way—making the changes that you want to experience.
In this program you discover the scientific research and proven methods to change patterns that negatively impact your vitality and health. You learn specific easy-to-use processes that empower you to regain and maintain vitality and a healthy mind and body.

What is so unique about this training with your clients is using this incredible 6-step tool for clearing the old, limiting, even fearful beliefs about health and healing, and behaving in new, healthier ways instead. With an open mind, you take your client to a deeper realization of what is going on with his or her body and health. From this open mind and with a new truth established with The One Command, each person experiences a place of peace where healing can begin. Here are a few basic truths to think about:

  • Your body is literally a roadmap of beliefs, thoughts and feelings.
  • You were born with an innate ability to heal—an etheric blueprint for good health.
  • Everything you ever experienced or believed to be true is literally encoded in your cells.

Your body knows how to unlock and change those codes when you get out of the way and let it do its job In addition, to learning the 6-steps for healing in The One Command Health, Wellness and Healing System, you’ll hear incredible stories of real people who have used this process to command true healing miracles.

What we cover in the course:

  • Principles of health and healing that are ancient and modern
  • The healing power inherent in your body
  • The 4 Keystones of health and healing
  • The 5 conditions for spontaneous healing
  • Uncovering the causes of poor health and disease
  • Activating your healing with The One Command technique
  • Activating Your Etheric Blueprint for Health
  • Guided One Command deep level theta delta brain wave meditations that touch the body and mind for extraordinary results
  • Specific guidelines and questions you take your client through in his or her sessions with you
  • Disclaimer that The One Command is a tool for changing thoughts and ideas and reaching the theta state – it is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment and there is no claim that it is

And much, much more……. Through stories, demonstrations, exercise and practice with a partner you come to understand the causes and cure for less than great health, activate your etheric blueprint for health and healing, experience yourself as your own healing guide and unlock your healing codes to begin the healing process. By the end of your training you can expect to feel a greater sense of peace, more vitality and energy than you thought possible and know that you have everything you need to coach others on the road to wholeness and vibrant health.


  • Because We Provide You with Two Awesome Seminars all done for you ready to go that includes: your seminar power point presentation, the outline of what you say and when, the exercises for your participants that get great results, sign in sheets, participants manuals, your leaders outline and manual and that is in addition to the actual training you get during the program.
  • YES You Have What it takes – The most important part of the training is developing you and your skills as a presenter. This is a skill you can apply in every aspect of your business achievement and success. You are guided through the elimination of speakers fright, resistance to being in front of a group, show you how to enjoy yourself and be yourself as
  • Your Seminar Market System – Here you will learn the exact steps needed to market your services:

Some people become a Certified One Command Seminar Leader and start training others in this phenomenal new system to add to their existing business and others to learn to present a seminar and start a new business. ….AND we have others who ATTEND this intense and comprehensive Certification for their own personal growth. ….AND in the program you’ll well be trained and certified to teach the One Day – The One Command. and the highly attended Commanding Wealth Seminars and charge for your events. As a matter of fact we have heard on more then one occasion Facilitators promoting a Seminar during their training for after graduation and apply the money to pay for their training. AWESOME!

This is the perfect time to get into the Seminar business because…

The world economy has changed from being able to depend on a salaried position to needing to know how to support your own life style and become your own business person… Today we are under such financial challenges around the world we have to engage in a total re-write of fear and lack programs and change them into great personal and financial success stories! The seminar business is blooming and is a billion dollar industry worldwide – you can become part of that wave of interest and desire answering people’s call for a better life and to enhance their life tools for improved, health, wealth, love, joy satisfaction and happiness.

This is your opportunity to have a career where you make a REAL DIFFERENCE in peoples lives at a new level of fulfillment and success for your bright future with great income earning power…

Have you ever had that feeling that you are doing OK but there is still something missing – what more can I be doing such as earning a great income almost effortlessly? We have found the right formula for you to deliver two fantastic transformational seminars to the world with great information and powerful, positive results! You can become a OONE COMMAND EXECUTIVE COACH OR SEMINAR LEADER beginning right now through our comprehensive ONLINE TRAINING!! Simply fill out our hello who I am form to apply and we’ll call you for a conversation. See you there!

Opportunities with The One Command – As a graduated One Command Certified Trainer you’ll also have the first opportunity to partner with us for other joint venture projects such as our Latin American, Japanese, German and Canadian partners, or your program may intertwine beautifully with The One Command. I personally welcome you to meet with our team and see if it looks and sounds right for you – if this is the right fit. Warmly yours, asara-lovejoy

Asara Lovejoy, Founder of The One Command Programs Worldwide

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