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Coaching with Bonnie Strehlow

“Success is not reached, it is an inside knowing.”

Bonnie Strehlow, One Command Certified Trainer, Certified Executive Success Coach and Founder of InnerResources is a Trained and Certified Intuitive Healer and co-author of The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint of Vital Health and Wellness, and Specializes in Health, Healing, and Intuitive Skills Development.

Bonnie’s in-depth coaching, in her special field of physical and intuitive healing, guides her clients into release of pain and increased emotional and physical well-being because as Bonnie says, “We all have within us the wisdom and resources to live fully in the moment with joy, health, energy, engagement, passion and prosperity. We simply need to decide we’re ready and have the courage to start on the path to greater emotional satisfaction and physical health.”

When you are ready to make real change in your life—whether it is your health, finances, career or relationships, you may want additional tools and resources to accomplish your goals and live the life you desire. Working with a coach you uncover your unconsciously held blocks to your success, health, wellness and wealth and learn to step away from old habitual thinking and into the best expression of yourself. And it is so much easier to do than you imagine.

………And Coaching generates powerful results when:

1) You are ready and willing to learn and grow and
2) A gap exists between where you are and where you want to be.

When these two conditions exist, coaching sessions will align your sucess with your personal, professional and healing objectives and increase your well-being and satisfaction with life. You let go of what keeps you bound to the past and open to receive all that life has to offer in the present—right this minute, now.”

Benefits You Achieve

With Bonnie Strehlow as your coach, you break through your barriers, let go of your limitations and find success and balance in all areas of your life. You also learn to:

  • Heal the past and create a new future for yourself
  • Communicate more effectively and adapt more easily to any situation.
  • Make better choices about your health, finances and relationships.
  • Eliminate habitual thought patterns to reduce personal limitations and expand possibilities.
  • Understand and manage emotions transforming fears and stress into productive emotional states that create the life and health you desire to live.

Bonnie says, “Stop fighting against the way life is and open to new possibilities of how life can be- as you clear the path to a new life on a whole new level of enjoyment.”

When you are not getting the results you want, are feeling stuck or it feels like someone hit the ‘pause’ button on your life, it is time for change. It is time to take action.


  • Let go of your struggles, strife, limitations and pain
  • Discover how to achieve great results in a short time
  • Assure your success by opening to receive
  • Empower yourself to create change
  • Live a life based on your dream, hopes and desires

Bonnie’s coaching style takes you deep within yourself and out the other side to a whole new way of living. She believes that the greatest power lies right within you…waiting to be awakened and lived. Her mission is to help you fall in love with yourself and to provide you with the tools to make that happen.

Whether you are experiencing a serious health issue, are ready to heal the pain of your childhood or just feel like something is missing and you want to find it, Bonnie will walk with you step-by-step as you create a new life for yourself.

What others say about Bonnie

I’ve had the benefit of working with Bonnie both as a trainer and as a coach when I had some issues come up following death of a family member. In each circumstance Bonnie was able to see the hidden subconscious programs that were causing my life holdups and angst. The work we did together was peace giving and life changing.

Jacque S.

Since our session I have felt much lighter! My energy is higher and I am definitely sleeping better! That is huge for me. It’s funny, clearing my own issues has helped my son too. He seems lighter and more carefree and is starting to come out of his shell outside of the home. So it does trickle down. You are truly appreciated.

Amanda O.
Coach and Business Manager

Bonnie is a very wise, intuitive yet down to earth person and our sessions were an experience of being deeply understood and also challenged when that was necessary. I moved from a stuck place in my life to where I have new choices available and new horizons opening up. From being slightly “down” and resentful, I look forward to seeing more and more good things unfolding in my life. Bonnie is caring and compassionate and wears her experience lightly so that the sessions were usually quite a lot of fun as well as being useful.
Sandra G.

You will be pleased to know that the effects of the healing work we did together kicked in straight-away. The worst of the pain was mostly gone in about an hour and I am much better today.

Sherry G.
International Akashic Records Consultant



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